The Norwegian alphabet is the same as English, but it has some peculiarities.

There are no consonants, no vowels, no adverbs.

Instead, it’s made up of letters that form the base of letters in the alphabet.

For example, in the English alphabet, the letter “A” means “a, in, for, with.”

The letter “E” means, “out, to, away.”

But in the Norwegian alphabet, it just means “there.”

In fact, the letters don’t even have a sound, but instead, they make up a sound and a color.

You’ll find them on the lower right corner of the letter box, as you’ll find in English.

This coloration is known as “fannish” or “fernish,” a Norwegian expression that translates as “blush.”

To be fair, most of us would recognize this coloration if we heard it, and many people also use the color in their daily lives.

And as far as fannish goes, it is indeed beautiful.

It is a vibrant shade of green, with pink and purple accents.

This is why many people, especially children, like to paint the letter boxes to make them look like fannishes.

It makes the letters seem so much more real and meaningful.

Another word for fannishing is “pink.”

In Norwegian, fannishment is considered a dirty word, so we have to make sure that we don’t offend those people.

But the fact is, most people who hear the words “fannon” or other fannished Norwegian words (like “fanna” or the word “fanny”) will be completely confused by the fact that the letters in Norwegian have a different meaning than in English, especially if they are unfamiliar with the language.

But as a Norwegian, I do think that it is a very nice word, and I hope that I will continue to use it.

So if you’re wondering why I have this word, it refers to the way the letters appear when they are written in Norwegian, in particular, the fannies.

These fannied letters are called fannings, and they have a color that is usually red.

This red coloration makes them very special, because it helps them to be read easily.

But if you are not a Norwegian speaker, the word fannfins can be confusing.

For instance, if you have ever heard a Norwegian movie or a Norwegian song, you might be confused because you think the words fannes and fannens are the same thing.

But they are not.

You should know that fanneners is the second letter in the word.

The first letter is the “r,” and it’s used in words like “red” or even “black.”

The second letter, för, is a different color, and it is also used in these words, and also in the words for “tide” and “fever.”

In the Norwegian word for “fisher,” fån, it means “fishing.”

So the color of fanning is a reference to this fact.

As a Norwegian native speaker, I don’t understand the confusion and I can’t help it.

But I am very proud of my Norwegian language, and if you don’t speak Norwegian, you will find it very interesting.

If you want to learn Norwegian and want to be a better Norwegian speaker and writer, please take some time to learn more about this wonderful language.

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