As the nation struggles to cope with a spate of wildfires that have burned through nearly 30 percent of the state, the animals that make up the heart of America’s wild west are receiving more attention than ever.

The wilds of the American West are full of wildlife with names like Buffalo, Great Basin, and the Grand Canyon, but the wild animals that inhabit them have never been captured in photographs.

So, what makes the United States the most dangerous place to be a human in the world?

Here are some of the country’s wildest animals.1.

The Buffalo The wild Buffalo is one of the most iconic animals in the Western Hemisphere, but it’s not the only animal that makes a living in the wild.

According to a study released by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), there are more than 400 species of Buffalo in the United State alone.

This includes the critically endangered Greater Buffalo and Great Gray Buffalo, as well as a small population of black-tailed prairie dogs in the Midwest.2.

The Great BasinThe Great Basin is a part of the Grand Tetons and has a population of about 300,000 individuals.

Although the Great Basin’s population is relatively small, it has long been known as a major wildlife refuge for grizzly bears and other species that are considered endangered.

In the past decade, the Great Valley Wildlife Management District has been aggressively managing its populations of grizzly and other wildlife in the region, which have been under pressure due to the ongoing drought.3.

The Grand CanyonA popular tourist attraction in the Grand Valley and surrounding area, the Grand River has long served as a symbol of the nation’s frontier.

However, in recent years, the water has been contaminated with lead and uranium and has been described as the most toxic water source in the country.

The water is now considered a national treasure, and there are many concerns about the potential effects of lead on the health of children, the elderly, and other vulnerable people.4.

The Black-tailed Prairie DogThe Black-tail Prairie Dog is considered to be one of North America’s most beautiful animals.

Found in the Southwestern United States, it is an important species that helps to control pests and weeds in the prairie.

Its size makes it an excellent pet for people of all ages, and it is very adaptable, making it a good choice for a variety of homes.

In addition to its beauty, the Black-tails can be incredibly strong, with strong jaws and claws.5.

The Greater BuffaloThere are currently more than 40 species of Greater Buffalo in captivity in the U