Norwegian electric car manufacturer EV1 is set to announce plans to build its first car powered by electricity in the Nordic country.

Norway’s EV1 will debut on January 12, 2018, in a special exhibition to mark the company’s first 100 million kWh (1.5 billion euros) investment in electric cars.

The company said that the electric vehicle will be a “pure electric vehicle, powered by no other energy source”.

Norwegian Electric Vehicle (EV) is set for a new era in Norwegian car sales, as the country aims to reduce its dependence on oil by 50 percent by 2025.

By 2030, it said it will have cut oil consumption by a third and achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2035.

In an interview with Reuters, EV1 chief executive and CEO Thor Olav Skøllander said that Norway’s EV model will be “a unique solution for the future”.

“I think it will make Norway a more innovative country in this area,” he said.

“This is a very exciting step for us, it’s the first electric car to be launched by EV1, and I hope it will give us a chance to show the world what a new electric vehicle can achieve.”

Norway, which has become a major player in electric vehicles as well as the global market, plans to run an EV1 in 2021, but its new car will not be ready for sale until 2022.

As of this year, Norway’s annual emissions are estimated at around 20.3 tonnes CO2e (more than 50 million tonnes CO3e).

Norways first 100-million-euro investment in EVs is being financed by a combination of public and private sector funds.

According to an analysis by the Norwegian Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, the country could cut its dependence by up to 80 percent by 2030 if it were to implement 100 million EVs by then.

It will be the first time in Norwegian history that EVs will be used for public transport.

A Norwegian government report released earlier this year showed that Norway has a “high proportion of private car ownership”, with an average of 20 percent of households owning an electric car.

Although the company is expected to announce a new model in 2019, Norway has yet to announce its plan to launch a fully electric vehicle.

Earlier this year a report by the National Centre for Economic Research showed that a majority of the public and government sectors were still undecided about whether EVs are a viable way to meet demand in the country.