It’s been a long time coming, and we’re still not there yet, but there’s good news for the Japanese Netflix watchers.

Netflix has started streaming its new, updated, and more convenient version of the Japanese language streaming service in its original Japanese. 

The new version of Netflix is available in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Japanese.

As you may have guessed, Netflix has also added the ability to watch Japanese dubbed movies and TV shows via Netflix Japan.

There’s no word yet on when this will be available for the English-speaking world. 

As of now, the Japanese version of “Netflix is Here” only allows for English and Japanese content, and not even a Japanese dub, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see an update in the near future.

That said, the new version is a big step forward for Netflix. 

It means that you’ll be able to watch the new “Netflix Japan” movies and tv shows, including movies from the anime “Dance with Dragons” and the anime series “Boku no Hero Academia,” as well as anime and manga series like “Harem: The New Generation,” “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel,” “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3,” and “The Last Guardian.” 

While there are plenty of new Japanese movies and shows on Netflix, it’s not yet clear when those will be made available for streaming. 

In addition to this, Netflix Japan is also the only Japanese-speaking version of its service available in English. 

So what will Netflix do with the new Japanese version?

Well, we’ve learned that it’s going to offer a Japanese version in its own streaming service, dubbed “Netflix” in English, as well. 

This new version will only allow for English- and Japanese-dubbed movies and episodes, but not the Japanese-translated versions of those movies and series. 

That means that the “Netflix for Japanese” service that we already know about won’t be available. 

Netflix has been known to offer some of its “Netflix in English” services for a while now. 

But this new version should make it more accessible for Japanese Netflix users. 

And it will also make it easier for users who have a Japanese-only subscription to switch to the new service. 

If you’re a Netflix user, we recommend you stay tuned for the release of this new Japanese Netflix service.