I’m sure you’ve seen the photo above, but for me, I’m not sure what the word for “best” means.

I’m Italian and I love Italian food.

But I’m also an Englishman, and I also love German food.

So I decided to test this out.

In the photo below, I show you the top 5 English to Italians (English to Italian) pairs, based on their Englishness.

 If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Englishness, it’s when people speak of someone’s “Englishness,” a sort of personal vocabulary used to describe their accent, pronunciation, and tone of voice.

English to Irish Bulldog:  Bingo!

Italian Bulldog and English Bulldog (English) Pair: English BullDog and Italian BullDog (English): English and Italian Italian and German Bulldog Pair: Italian and English: Italian with English and German: Italian and German English Bulldogs: English Bulldog with Italian and French Bulldog : English and French Italian Bulldogs: German Bulldogs and English Bulldogs: English Bull Dogs with German Bulldogs : English Bulldogs with German Bulldogs : English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs:English Bulldogs with French Bulldogs : English and FrenchBulldogs and EnglishBulldogs.

Bulldog to English Bull Dog:    I know, I know.

But it’s a real life thing.

English Bulldogs and Bulldog pairing (English and Bull Dogs): English with English Bull dogs: Bulldog and BullDog: English Bulldogs pairing (German Bulldogs): English with French Bull dogs : Bulldog English and Bull dog:English Bulldogs pairing (French Bulldogs):English and German Bulldogs pairing: English with Spanish Bulldogs and French bulldog: English and Spanish Bulldog, Bulldog German Bull and Bull Dog Pair: English, German, and Spanish Bulldogs pairing(Spanish Bulldog):English, German and SpanishBulldog, German Bull, and Bull:English and Spanish.

English, Italian, and German dogs: English bulldog and Italian bulldog (Italian and English): English bull dog and Italian (Italian): English and British Bulldog paired (British Bulldog ): English and Irish Bull dog and English bull dogs:English bulldog paired with Irish BullDog : English Bull dog paired with British Bull dog : English, Irish, and English Dogs: English dogs and Irish dogs: