Danish hospital staff have been working on patients from the Swedish capital Copenhagen since Thursday after receiving a call from a patient who had just flown to Sweden.

The Danish Health Ministry has been treating a patient from Stockholm with an infection called VOC.

The patient is currently in intensive care.

The Ministry said the patient was treated by two Swedish doctors and a Swedish nurse at a hospital in Copenhagen on Thursday.

The hospital staff and Swedish doctors have been in regular contact since Thursday, the ministry said.

“The hospital staffs have been meeting for several days and discussing the next steps to treat this patient,” the ministry wrote in a statement on its website.

It added that the patient is a Swedish citizen and was admitted to the hospital on Monday.

The two Swedish nurses have been with the hospital for two weeks.

“We want to treat him as we would any other patient, and we want to take care of his needs, the statement said.

Swedish health authorities said they are working on a protocol to help treat VOC infections in hospitals.

Sweden has reported a record number of new infections and deaths in recent months, the third-highest in the world after Afghanistan and the United States.