“The most exciting thing for the puppies is the sound of the zoo.

It was the first time that they were really moving and jumping around.”

– Dina Stansfield, keeper of the Pups at the Toronto Zoo.

“They really are the first puppies in the world to be put on the move and we are so happy they’re here.”

– Kelli Thompson, keeper at the San Francisco Zoo.

The Pups were born at the zoo on May 5.

Their first steps at the newly opened Toronto Zoo in Ontario were the most exciting moment for the pups, but it was not the first.

“It was a little bit scary but it’s exciting,” said Kelli.

“I think they are the most excited I’ve ever been about a new baby in my life.”

The two-week journey to the new Toronto Zoo will be an amazing experience for the pair.

“We’ve already been to a couple other places and it’s a really great experience for them,” said Dina.

“The only thing that can scare them is being away from their parents.”

“I would say that this is the most amazing time for them yet,” added Kelli, who will keep her new pups at home while they explore the new city of Toronto.

Kelli is one of the first Zoo staff members to arrive in Toronto.

She said they were “overwhelmed” by the response they were getting from the public and the public is being “very kind” of the animals.

The puppies are now in their home with their mother, and are being supervised by a staff member, Kelli said.

They are expected to stay there for two weeks.

“If they are having a good time, that’s great.

But I think it’s really important that they know that their mom is here, too,” said the keeper.

Dina said they are already working with the Zoo’s animal care staff on the pup’s first days in the new home. “

And hopefully they’ll come back with more energy and happiness.”

Dina said they are already working with the Zoo’s animal care staff on the pup’s first days in the new home.

“My heart is full of gratitude,” she said.

“Because the pup is so young, I really wanted to bring her home with me and be the best mom that I could be.”

“We are really excited,” said Karen Thompson.

“There is no question that the pup was so excited to be with her family.”

Karen said she is excited for the future of the pup’s development.

“She is really getting her feet wet,” she added.

“Hopefully they’ll grow into the next generation of the Toronto Pups.”

The pups’ first steps were not the only excitement at the new Zoo.

Another highlight for Karen and her staff will be the arrival of the world’s first pandas.

The pandas were born last week at the Calgary Zoo and have now made their way to the Toronto zoo.

The pup is named Bella and will join the other pandas that were born in Canada, Canada.

“Pandas are the only mammals that are kept in captivity and the only animals in captivity in the United States,” said Stansfeld, who has worked at the Chicago Zoo for more than 40 years.

“This is a milestone moment for pandas, but also a step in the right direction.”