French bull terriers are to make an international debut as part of a new project.

French bulldogs are used in many countries around the world, from the US to China and Australia, but the breed is now being considered to be under threat from other breeds.

The Bull Terriers International Foundation has been formed by the US-based foundation, with the goal of providing the necessary support to breeders who are developing their own bull terries.

They will be launched in January, and will be able to provide support to existing breeder projects, such as the Bull Terries International Project, as well as other breeders.

“The foundation is a partnership between the US and France, with an international scope,” said Mark Withers, the founder and chief executive of the Bullters International Foundation.

“We’re looking for breeders with international experience to help us build a global network to support the development of the world’s most popular bull terriers.”

He said the foundation was also looking for breeder partners with a “shared interest” in the breed, so that the breed could be used for breeding purposes around the globe.

It is hoped that the foundation’s funding will allow breeders to continue their work, and help ensure the continued popularity of the breed.

However, there are concerns that the bull terrie may be being used for domestic use, as it is believed to be a relatively small breed in Europe.

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