The best way to write in five minute sections of text is to be able to keep your brain working at the same time, writes David Ehrlich.

You don’t need to know how to write sentences to do it.

In this article, Ehrlelich looks at the best tips for creating short, clear, and engaging prose, which can help you become a better writer.

You may also find it useful to consider how you can make your writing more engaging with this article in the meantime.

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When I was younger, I loved to write short stories, which were basically a collection of sentences and then a title and a description.

So when I wrote a short story, it was usually something like, “I wrote this story for five minutes, and I hope it’s funny and exciting.”

Then I’d add a couple of notes about how I thought the story went.

It was just kind of a fun thing to do.

I would do the story a few times, just to make sure I was getting the right feel out of it, and then I’d do the final revision.

I think that’s pretty good advice.

If you want to write long, complex stories, you’ll probably want to do longer story drafts and revise them.

But it was also kind of fun to write these short stories because it was just a way for me to keep myself occupied and get a sense of how it would work for me, so I could see how it felt, and how it was going to feel.

And I also had this sort of thing where, like, I would take notes as I wrote the story.

So the writing process was a little bit like that.

I have a lot of short stories that I write myself.

There are so many, and there are stories that are really just really hard to put together.

I have a short novel called The Good Fight.

I’m trying to write it in just a couple days.

And it’s a very simple story, so it’s really about two brothers in an apartment complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who have just had to move to another building and have to deal with all these problems.

They’re not happy, they’re bored, they have to work, they get along with their neighbors.

And so, you know, they just go out and buy a gun, and they just get into an argument and shoot each other.

So they’re going to go off in a violent, chaotic kind of way, and the reader has to get into the middle of it.

That’s the kind of thing I write for.

The book is a little more complicated, but it’s pretty simple.

And then there’s a little book called The Longest Yard.

It’s about a little boy who’s an orphan, who’s always on the run, who gets separated from his father.

He’s in an orphanage in the middle and he has a very long and complicated relationship with his brother.

And he has this sense of being in a long and chaotic family.

So he’s very much in the process of figuring out who he is.

And this is kind of the story of the book.

The idea is that there’s this kind of long, tangled story that this little boy is on.

And the story is about how the story will be woven together over time, as these relationships and all this other stuff.

And you get to play a lot with the characters.

You get to explore their lives, which are really complicated and very human.

And at the end of the day, it’s kind of kind of sad and lonely and a little weird.

I mean, it kind of sucks, because it’s just a really short story.

But the idea is it’s like a series of movies, and you play with characters and they make your life so much more interesting.

I’ve written a few other short stories as well.

One of them is about this guy who’s on the lam.

He has this whole family of eight, and he’s kind and kind and very kind.

And a lot people hate him, and people really hate him.

And one day he just gets in this big fight with someone and it just goes really, really, and it’s all very emotional.

And that’s a really good kind of story.

The other story that I’ve written that’s kind a bit of a different kind of short story is one about a woman named Mary.

Mary is a really interesting character.

I love her, because she has this really strong sense of justice, but also this really bad sense of injustice.

And there’s no real way to get at this kind in a narrative way, so she kind of lives in this world where justice is hard to get and her world is sort of broken.

And so, I’m a big fan of Mary, and she has a really strong personality and a very, very complicated backstory, so her story really, kind of fits into that kind of world.