A friend told me he wanted to buy a new car, and I told him it was going to cost him about $200,000.

“You know how you’re going to pay that?

With a little bit of debt,” he said.

“It’s a lot of money.”

My friends, you’re not alone.

The average American has about $1,600 in personal savings.

But how do you find the best car for that amount?

What are the most important things you need to know?

The key to finding the best bargain for a used car is finding the right price.

“It’s almost like a lottery,” said David Kupchan, a senior vice president at Kinsley Automotive.

“What price are you going to get?”

A used car’s value is dependent on the age of the vehicle and the age and mileage of the owner, he said, adding that the newer the car, the higher the price.

“The best car, if you can get it, is a nice one,” he told me.

The average used car can be as good as a Ferrari.

You can also compare the prices of other cars, such as used Audi A3s or BMW X5s.

Kupney says it’s important to understand the market for a car and to see how the market is doing.

“If you’re in the market, you need a good understanding of the market,” he added.

“A lot of the time the best value you can buy is a car that’s been used.

You can compare the cost to other vehicles that are similar, and that should tell you if it’s a good car or not.”

Here are a few key factors to consider when deciding which used car to buy: 1.


“There are lots of factors that come into play here,” Kupna said.



“We have the same age, same mileage, same condition,” he explained.



“That can give you an indication of the age, mileage, condition of the engine,” he continued.


Engine mileage.

“When the engine is used, it will give you the mileage,” Kapchan said.

The older the engine, the more miles it has.



“So if you have a very, very old engine, you may be looking for a vehicle that’s probably worth a lot more than it has,” Kipchan said, pointing to the example of an older Volkswagen Beetle that he found in the used car market.



“Look at the price, too,” Kintan said.

When looking for the right used car, Kupran’s advice is to look for a price that matches the value of the car.



“I’d say, ‘What is the condition of this car?’

That should tell me the condition, but also, ‘Are you going for the same kind of car?’,” he suggested.


Vehicle options.

“Are there any options, like a tow, an automatic transmission, a suspension, and so on?”

Kupan said, to which I responded, “Yes, I’m looking for that.”



“Condition is a big factor,” Kortney added.


Exterior and interior.

“These days, I think most of the times you’re looking for something that’s really good,” Kupsan said of a used vehicle.



“For example, the old Volkswagen Beetle, the paint will look better, and you can even have a nice interior,” he noted.



“Wheels are another factor,” he agreed.



“As you’re starting to look at these, you might start to see a little more,” he concluded.


Car is a must.

“Most of the people that I’ve talked to are looking for this, so you can’t go wrong,” Kpchan added.

I’m not trying to say that you should just buy a used Volkswagen Beetle.

It’s a great car, but you need the right budget and experience to get the best deal.