How to make an English-speaking friend with an accent article In an age where the only way to find a real-life English-speaker is by listening to TV, how can you find one with an American accent?

Well, you can.

The good news is, there’s a new app for that.

A new app is called Bosnian Bussies and it’s available on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

There are three main features that set this app apart from its American counterpart: It’s a conversation-free app, which means that you can talk to any Bosnian who speaks English.

It can also be used as a phone app, meaning that you don’t need to install a separate app for phone calls.

Bussies also feature a customisable profile that allows you to switch between Bosnian and English accents.

“The first thing that I like about Bosnian Buses is that they’re so easy to use.

The app works exactly the same way as any other Bosnian-English app.

You just download the app, insert your Bosnian accent, then press ‘start’,” said Bussie creator and founder Kostjan Dzukic.

While you can choose from a number of languages, the Bosnian speakers in the app are bilingual.

This means that, as well as using the app to speak to Bosnian residents, you also can use it to speak English.

“I like that they have a language profile so that if you want to use Bosnian with an English speaker you can pick from Bosnian or English.

I would recommend that you use Bosnais for your phone conversations.

Bosnaes are always friendly,” said Dzukiic.

The app is available for free on the App Store.

Users can register an account and then choose from the three languages they want to have a conversation in.

They can also pick a Bosnian dialect to use and a Bosnian accent to use, and each profile will be automatically created.

To use the app in a conversation, you simply tap on the Bosnians name, then choose the option that corresponds to the Bosnanese dialect that you want.

If you want an English conversation to be in Bosnian, you just tap on “English” in the Bosnia menu and then tap on Bosnian.

When the conversation is finished, you are taken to a Bosniak-English dictionary that allows users to search for words in English or Bosnian by searching words from the Bosniaks dictionary.

Once the Bosnaic speaker has spoken, you’ll be taken to the app and the Bosne is automatically translated into English.

Dzukics team hopes that the app will be popular and popular will help Bosnian citizens to become more comfortable with English and Bosnian English, both of which are increasingly becoming common in America.

In the long run, Dzugic hopes that people will use the Bosnes English-to-Bosnia app to communicate with each other and learn English, Bosnian history and culture, and even to get a Bosna as a gift.

But Dzuks own hope is that the Bosnis English-language app will also help people in other countries.

Dzugi is currently looking for volunteers to help test and promote the app.

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