BESOs death has taken place in Bengaluru, in a town of over 2 lakh people.

BES Os death in Bengalururu, a town in Andhra Pradesh, has taken on an ironic aspect as it is believed that BESos death was due to a heart attack after he fell off a bridge.

Besos father, Beshreya, died on August 27, 2018 after falling off a high-rise building.

He was 74 years old.

Beshreyan, who was the youngest of four sons, had worked for the BESOL (Besol Foundation for Self-Reliance) and was a self-reliant businessman.

He had spent the past five years on a business tour.

He and his wife Shishiran were a family of 12.

The family of Beshra was also active in philanthropic activities.

He started a foundation called ‘Besols family’ which helps the poor in their quest for self-sufficiency.

His philanthropic efforts in the past years have been very important to his family.

Shishirane Beshrani said, “Beshra started the foundation and it has helped us in many ways.

Beshro is a great person who was not only a businessman but also a friend of the poor.

His work in the last five years has really helped us.”

The BESOC (Bethel Foundation for self reliance) has been the main donor to Beshres foundation, which is a private foundation which helps poor people in India.

Breso, the founder of the foundation, is the first Indian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Beso was the first non-resident Indian to receive the Nobel Prize.

His grandfathers grandfather was also awarded the Peace Prize in 1921.

Breso is survived by his parents, Shishra and Shri Beshrekar, his brothers and sisters, his step-sisters and step-daughters.